Our Dorma MD clinic includes neurology specialists. They treat referred patients for different diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. If you think you might be affected with a neurological disease, don’t hesitate to contact your family doctor and ask for a referral. 

Neurologists are highly trained clinicians capable of diagnosing complex conditions through detailed history, physical examination and other tests.

Some common neurologic tests used to complete the evaluation include:

  • Computed tomography (CT) scans
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Nerve conduction studies and electromyography (NCS/EMG)
  • Lumbar puncture (LP) for cerebral spinal fluid analysis

If you are a doctor or medical specialist and you are interested in joining our team, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email (Mary-Jane Moreena):