Otolaryngologist and Head and Neck Surgeon (ENT)

An Otolaryngologist and Head & Neck Surgeon (ENT) is a healthcare professional specializing in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of head and neck diseases.

In particular, he specializes in ears, nose and throat diseases. An ENT surgeon assesses and treats a variety of diseases, since he is a specialist of several organs of the human body. He has medical and surgical expertise with both adults and children.

At Dorma MD, our ENT surgeons have developed medical expertise in several areas of the “Head & Neck region” such as:

1. Otology and neurotology (hearing and balance disorders, tinnitus and occupational deafness)

2. Rhinology (nose, sinus and allergy disorders)

3. Laryngology (larynx, voice and swallowing disorders)

4. Oncology (cancers of the head, neck and thyroid)

5. Cosmetic surgery (ears, face, nose, injectable product; Botox)

6. Sleep surgery (treatment for sleep apnea and snoring: Dormalab.com)